Secret Santa Wishlist swap discussion & gallery

I’m excited to join :slight_smile: I’ve prepared my questionaire and working on my list, but I’m sending it in after my trip to the post office with my replacement swap package for another swap.


Ready on my first one to go out.


I did step #2 on my project today by taking a trip to my parents’ house; there’s something on it that I couldn’t do at my own house. It will take a while to get the remaining steps just right, but it’s satisfying work.

I did some sketches for devising another claim, but I really don’t know if I can pull it off. I know what I want it to be, but it might not be obvious to someone else what it is. :alembic: :grey_question: :control_knobs:

I got recruited to craft stuff for a local fundraiser and I need to get those out of the way before I put in another claim…but I am scheming!


I have finished ____ for ______. Tomorrow, a supply I didn’t realize I was out of should arrive which will make it possible to finish up all my claims and hopefully ship out next week! :smiley:


I went to the craft store for ONE thing. $50 later…

I have 0 control when it comes to craft supplies. On the bright side I found a ____ that was perfect for finishing my _____ for one claim. Now if I can just decide how to finish the ____ and make a ____, this guy can ship out Monday.


Organizey notes: We have two lovely people languishing on the not yet claimed list, so anyone who’s up for shipping outside of the US should take a peek at their excellent wishlists!

Also, sign-ups close on Tuesday, so if we have any more fence sitters out there, time to make up your minds! :green_heart:


I’m plotting and planning before committing to my first claim. I want to see if my idea works first.


I was lucky enough to receive already! I know some people have the willpower to wait until Christmas, and God bless you for that, but I am not one of them! (And honestly, it was an amazing treat after the craziness that this week has been!)

It came all wrapped up…

Then there were two amazing sets of earrings! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on here, but I have a horrible set of direction, so the compasses are perfect!

There was a bag chock full of scraps, both from this Secret Santa and other C-ster peeps, which is always the most fun, because then you feel like you’re bringing the whole community into your work. :slight_smile:

And finally, they included some crochet magazines, which I’ll be super happy to dig into as the weather gets colder!

Thank you so much! Sorry the pics are a bit poor - I was overly excited to tear into everything!


Yay! What a fun package of goodies! The earrings are super cute!


I love the fish scale earrings. So pretty!

Both sets of earrings are adorable! I never change mine out (sensitive ears), I’m jealous of those who do!

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Once again, everyone has been claimed, so you may claim whoever you want!


:triumph: my supply did not arrive today. It’s running late. Hopefully it’ll arrive in a few days and I can carve out some crafting time.


Well, bugger. Since it was the weekend and I couldn’t ship anything out, welp, I had to wait. What do you know? I just came up with a really really cute thing to add. Welp, looks like I’m cracking it open tomorrow and staying up late tonight to finish it up.


What a fun package of goodies!!

As much as I do love this swap and thought I’d have time to join, I’m not going to be able to. I’ll just admire all of your craftiness in the gallery! I can’t wait to see all of the goodies you all get!


Bummer! I get it though. Your story has me a little paranoid of my packages going missing. I think it has been a tough time for USPS, hopefully things start getting better.


I think I am going to jump in on this one. I wanted to make sure I had enough items to make a wishlist before I committed.


I want in on this one too. As the person responsible for all the family gifts, it would be nice to get a surprise package for myself this year and to get up to some crafty shenanigans!


If you’re joining last-minute, make sure you get your questionnaire to me this evening!!

(Ok, I might let slide anyone who’s in by when I get up tomorrow…) :wink: