Seed pots to learn about growing

Some seed pots for the kids classroom. They will learn about Earth day, the Earth and growing when they return from spring break. So being “that mom” I made each child a seed pot with name and some leaves. Then paired it with potting soil and seeds. I’m also sending in some items they will use to personalize their decorations on the rim. They’ll plant them next week and they will hang out in the window to grow. Come Mother’s Day hopefully everything’s sprouted and these will become part of their gift to bring home


These are awesome!

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Very cool! Great way to sneak in some learnin’!

What a great project

Totally misread this at first and wondered what you were growing in each of those pots. The labels confused me. Obviously names of children not the plants. … Unless you plan to grow more children??

ETA. I love the idea though.

Some of the best unanticipated homeschooling stories I have heard since the lockdowns began are all around how the children enjoy non-academic learning, like gardening, baking, cooking, nature walks, even ‘making things’.

I remember doing much of this when I was a kid … a long time ago… my tree recognition was pretty damn good, but it’s been lost over time. I don’t have children myself but even I have enjoyed slow cooking a dinner rather than having to feel pressured (by me) to batch cook on a weekend to make life easier after commutes.

Anyway a slight ramble away from the point. I love that children are being given practical and ongoing things to mesmerise them. I am totally watching the trees blossom and bud at different times and where the sun rises each day. Over the last year I have learnt a lot from being at home and having to deal with these seasonal changes in my ‘workplace’.


Super cute!

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hahahaha uhh NO LOL

Thanks all the class will enjoy learning and they love real life experiments!


This is super sweet and very cool. The kids will get a kick out of seeing their names at first, then the plants growing! Also, I love that it can later be a gift that they worked on for Mothers Day.

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