"Seed the Light" Poinsettia Ornament

I made this fun “holidayized plant” ornament for @marionberries in the Ongoing Ornament Swap --Come join us! Extended through the end of November!

I claimed this awesome theme before I had a plan in mind. When I started googling holiday plants, I kept seeing Christmas Cactus. I am a succulent lover, but that is so over done and boring! When I think of Christmas, I always think of poinsettias. So, I decided to make a felt one.

I strung seed beads onto thread and knotted each bead to the string so it wouldn’t move. Then, I thread it around the poinsettia like one one a Christmas tree. The beads alternate colors of red, green, and white.

I attached a clothespin to the back so it can clip to a branch.


This is really pretty.

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The felt poinsettia is very pretty all on its own. And the little “string of lights” gives it bling and personality. So cool!

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I love this and have it clipped to an empty wine bottle right now and it looks fabulous! Light twinkles off the beads.

I bet that looks gorgeous!

This is an utterly charming take on a poinsettia!

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Very pretty! The little “lights” make it look so warm and festive, and the clothespin backing is a good idea!

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Your flower is really pretty!!! I like how the lights are hanging on the petals!!!

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It’s lovely!

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