SEEK - A Mini Tarot Cloche

One of my dear ones has been exploring tarot in a few ways and when I found this printable mini Tarot deck on Etsy I knew I had to make her something.

The cards are attached to a wire that spirals out of the box. The wire also goes through the cloche cork and the tree slice to keep the whole thing sturdy.


The bottom is finished with a cork circle. It make it sit just bit off whatever surface its set on which makes it look a little more finished, but it also covered the end of the wire which is coiled in a depression I made with a drill bit.

When editing the photos, I noticed that the “S” is a little smudgy, so I think I’m going to try to clean that up a bit before wrapping and packing it up to ship.


This is so beautiful!!!

This is so unique!

Goodness, those cards are so tiny.

Wowwww! This is so cool!

very cool!

mini enthusiasts; there’s a site with lots of free printable mins

Thanks, friends!

Wow, what a fun idea; never seen anything like it! Sounds like the perfect gift, too.

I imagine you’ve cleaned it off by now, but I don’t mind the (barely noticeable!) smudges. Just adds to the overall vibe of the piece, IMO.

Well, thank you! And guess who was so eager to get this wrapped and packed up to ship that she forgot all about dealing with that smudge? THIS GAL!


I just love this

That’s really fun! I haven’t seen anything like it. Surely a treasure. :heart:

I agree with everyone - it is cool, beautiful and for sure, unique. You do come up with some amazing and personal gift ideas. :heart_eyes:

Thanks, pals!

Fantastic! The wood slice & blue velvet ribbon are an excellent finish. Really personal, special, & well done.


This is crazy cool! As a tarot fan I really love this. What a fun piece!

Thank you!!!