Semi-matching shirts

This cool tattoo fabric is only available in one yard cuts at Walmart. I’ve had a yard for a while, been dithering between making hubster a shirt, or treating myself.

Found another yard at the store, so decided to do both!

A yard is just enough for a shirt front, so I shopped my stash for coordinating fabrics. There wasn’t enough of anything to do both shirts, so his has an ocean feel;

and mine looks like book pages

Weird part; I had two pieces of the book page fabric, bought a few months apart. I used most of one and some of the other. Both were prewashed.

After making the shirt, I decided the pale fabric was a little too light, so soaked the whole shirt in tea.

The back and lapels turned deep tan, while the sleeves and undercollar only tinted a bit. There’s a piece of undyed fabric draped over the back so you can see where I started.
I could dip the remaining fabric to see if it would turn dark like the back, then see if there is enough for new sleeves. Or I could just leave it and tell the thrilling story over and over…


I really love how you use the feature fabric and just mix it with other fabrics. I did that a lot when I first started sewing and had a very unique and fun wardrobe when I was in high school. I was braver then…more creative.

I miss that in clothing sewing (which probably explains why I pretty much quit sewing clothes). You have inspired me to try my hand at doing this…I have loads of novelty fun fabrics…if I ruin them, no big loss. I might call on you to help with the fabric mixing! :blush:

I love that you got two results from the dyeing process…makes it look intentional and you will have a good story to tell!


What a fun pair of shirts! I love that tattoo fabric. Pairing it with coordinating fabrics to stretch your yardage while still letting it be the star was a great idea.


What you have here is what I call “coordinating sister outfits” which is based on the Pointer and Mandrell sisters’ stage costumes: coordinating, but not exactly the same. They turned out great - way betting than 100% matched as far as I am concerned.


Yes! I really like the matching-but-not-matching thing you have going on. I like the fabrics you chose and the tattoo fabric is really cool!

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Great ingenuity!

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Love the shirts and the fabrics!

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Great use of that awesome fabric! Perfect coordinating choices, too.

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