Sequoia National Park Knit Hat

This is one of the hats in the National Park hat series that I bought at the beginning of the year. Seems like the designer has a fondness for rust colored yarn as many of the hats seem to be this color…not exactly my favorite…

This hat mimics the red coloring of the tree bark in this park…it is one of the parks I have actually been to. I did learn the difference between Sequoia and Redwood National Parks from a video I watched while knitting this hat. Magnificent trees both in our western coastal states of California, Oregon, and Washington.

I already had yarn in my stash…a peachy rust alpaca that my sister brought me from Peru and a darker rust alpaca that I bought some time ago…

I am skipping one of the hats because it is a boring knit and yes, another rust colored one…it will be the Hawaiian Volcanoes Park and in darker colors…


This is gorgeous! Well done.

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It’s beautiful! The colour is not my favourite to wear either but the pattern and colour do really remind me of trees. And I’m sure it’s really warm and soft!

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I love these colors! They blend so nicely, too!


Very nice! The colors are so fitting.

It looks so cozy.

There’s definitely a fall color theme going on in these hats. I really like the pattern this hat makes.

Well you may be sick of the rusty colors but I love it!! Beautiful! :fallen_leaf:


This is lovely, and I :green_heart: national park themes. You have way more oranges, rusts and browns in your future, though, if you stick with the series! I am guessing you may want to just skip the patterns for Death Valley, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. :laughing: (But if you get the chance, definitely visit the actual parks)

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I am following a specific designer who is donating proceeds from the sale of her hat patterns to the National Parks. She is only doing twelve and picking the parks from her own childhood or bucket list.

The rust ones so far have been Grand Canyon, Redwood, Sequoia, Badlands and Lassen (which I am skipping)…

I have enough rust…lol…

My hubby and I did a three week road trip out west and visited many National Parks…I have a free lifetime membership…as soon as we can travel safely again, I will visit more, including Hawaii and the Volcanoes! (my next hat…blacks, oranges, blues)…


Awesome, supporting a designer and the parks at the same time! I hope you get to travel to Hawaii soon.

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I like the ridges and valleys.