Sew Sweetness patterns?

I’m thinking about getting the Chicadee Backpack pattern but I’ve never tried any patterns from their site.

Link to pattern shop

Anyone have feedback? Good points or bad of the patterns and instructions?

Why don’t you try one of her free ones to see if it is your style and how it is written? I think you can tell from the freebies how the paid ones will be.

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The instructions on the free patterns seem pretty detailed. I am 100% sure I need to modify the backpack pattern anyway. I want longer and detachable straps which, I’ve only found ONE I like with that option. but this one seems to have the best pocket options. Husband’s Mission Workshop camera backpack has a fold out flap on the front like this one does and I’ve been envious of it since he bought the bag.

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This was the other backoack I was thinking of doing…

Sometimes I play background youtube videos when working in the studio so I’ve seen a few of her sew alongs. Her voice is cute, I didn’t find it annoying after an hour either which is important if you’re going to do the class for that bag. I didn’t make what she was demo-ing but her instructions seemed very detailed & easy to follow.