Sewing a Needlepoint Bag

I have a vintage needlepoint that looks like it could have been for a seat or pillow. I want to turn it into one of those funky needlepoint bags. Any ideas? I am not a seamstress at all.

Here are some examples


Maybe this is helpful:

Or a simple bag and instead of the front they choose, you use your piece?

(Or you send it to me and I sew you a bag :wink: :laughing:)

BTW I love how you want to try to sew it! :heart:

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Ooohhh, those are so neat. And yeah, you totally need one. Is there a local sewing shop near you? They often offer classes in basic machine sewing, or a class in making simple projects like totes.

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If you want to do it yourself, I think this should be your plan.

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A vintage needlepoint bag would be fab!

Perhaps you could ask a friend (who knows how to sew ;)) for a lesson or two?


These are such wonderful bits of history and tell a story. Looking forward to seeing the vintage needlepoint bag!

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What a great idea!
I have a cushion cover that was stitched by my great uncle (Grandmas brother), and another stitched by my other great uncle (Grandmas brother in law). Wondered what to do with them, bags might be the answer :thinking::thinking:

@kittykill did you get anywhere with your bag?

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Not yet. I keep forgetting about it. LOL!