Sewing Class Display

I took a six-week sewing class along with a bunch of other people. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that made it to every class. They’ve put our “makes” into a display case in the library. I forgot to take in my fabric marbling pieces. (Will try to add below.) My projects are the four with noted with the three :blush:.


Here are the two fabric marbling pieces I also did but forgot to take in for the display. I’m thinking about framing these and maybe doing a vinyl cut on the glass of the frame but not quite there yet!


Congratulations on learning a skill that you can use in a variety of ways throughout your life! So many things you can do when you know how to sew and let your creativity run free. Good on you! and well done with your projects. That marbling looks interesting.

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They’ve had some “kits” at Hobby Lobby recently, but it didn’t include the “sizing” she added to the water to keep the paint floating on the water. It’s the most interesting thing to watch.

To do larger fabric pieces,she actually picked up.a litter box from Target. She just reuses the same water w sizing over and over. You just skim the water of the paint with each “marbling.”


This is SIMILAR to what we did for the fabric marbling. Though we didn’t have as large of a bin as this lady does. We just did our drops from a bottle and did multiple drops for a larger amount of color - Fabric Marbling is Pure Magic - YouTube


It’s so cool that they display the items you made! And that marbled fabric is just amazing.

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And coolest thing is that she just poured what was left back into a jug and it’s put away until later. The fabric remains really soft. (I think she refrigerated the bottle it was stored in.)

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Very cool projects from an interesting class!! Love trying and learning new things!

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