Sewing machine drawing

My kiddos did a drawing exchange Secret Santa with their cousins and I just needed to have a proud mama moment and share the sewing machine masterpiece my 6-year-old created.

I’m especially happy that my eldest has found something he excels at. He’s got ADHD and has found himself falling behind his younger brother in a lot of things, but he loves to draw what he sees and is miraculously able to focus on it. It warms my heart to see his confidence grow in ART! Excuse me while I tear up a little :sob:

And here is his goofball lil brother!!!

Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for looking!


Awww, Merry Christmas to you and your adorably talented kiddos.

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Thank you, thank you :pray:t4: :heart::heart:

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Look at those mad skills!

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Seeing our adult lives through a child’s eyes is always wonderful…he sure got in some pretty detailed parts of the machine!

Goofball brother also seems to like rabbits…ha ha

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They have their mamas talent! They both added so much detail. Fantastic!


Your kids are awesome!
That is one remarkable drawing of a heavy duty singer…love that he included the stitch options on the dial :slight_smile: And the colorful bunny drawing evokes happiness!

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Wheeooh! That sewing machine is super lovingly detailed, wow! Amazing rendition.

And then there is that face, omg. I live with a kid just like that, every day is an adventure for sure!

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Your kid made an amazing drawing!