Sewing or Fabric Tag?

How about a Sewing or Fabric tag in Fiber & Textile. I never know where to put random sewing creations that aren’t clothing.


A lot of sewing items can also go under the Decor & Function board too :slight_smile:


So can knitting, crocheting, quilting. I guess I just feel left out after hours at the sewing machine. :crazy_face:. Just wondering, that’s all. It’s amazing that we all can agree on anything the way we crazy crafty people think. Thank you for the answer.


I was thinking the same thing! Some sewn objects don’t fit neatly into other topics. But, Decor & Function could work for some of them, I guess. I never thought about looking at that category.


Maybe the Quilting category could be expanded to Sewing and Quilting?

I’ve wanted a sewing category since the dead site. A lot of sewing stuff ends up misc.


Thank you for suggesting! Could you give me a handful of projects that don’t fit into another category/need this tag? Trying to get a vision for it.

Let me start by saying that I totally love Lettuce Craft, and completely respect all the mods and the hard work that has gone into building this wonderful, amazing community!

So what follows is just my own perspective. To me, it seems like almost all the projects in the Fiber and Textile area could be re-categorized to fit into other categories. Quilts, for example, are both decorative and functional by their very nature, right?

But I agree with whoever set up the categories, that Fiber and Textiles deserve their own space. People who are interested in these type of crafts would probably be seeking one area to view things like that.

When I think about craftspeople I have known who self-categorize their own work as “Fiber and Textile“ crafts, people who sew are some of the very first people who come to my mind.

So It feels like Sewing ought to be a subdivision of that larger category, rather than trying to fit sewing projects into non-fiber categories. In fact, If I’m just going by my own gut feelings, it feels like Quilting and Appliqué are actually sub-categories of Sewing. Just my own mental categories, I guess.

I realize that we don’t want our system to be too complicated. But I also don’t want people who sew to feel left out of the category that they feel best applies to their work.


Right now, fabric masks could use their own special section.

But that really only works for right now. Not in the long term. The reason I created the two rounds of mask making challenge was in an effort to corral some of the masks by giving folks a place to show them off, that would have otherwise taken over the site.


I sadly predict that this will not be for the short-term. Infectious disease specialists are predicting covid-19 will be with us long-term, like the seasonal flu. Mutating regularly. A section dedicated to masks, patterns, discussion, could be relevant for a long time.

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A category of craft that could fit into a Sewing section for me would be prayer flags. I’ve just started making them, and when I asked several LC friends where I should post mine, I got different answers from all of them, mostly based on what crafts they most often make. Embroidery mavens suggested embroidery, Art folks suggested the Art section, and Decor folks suggested decor. When each of them make prayer flags, they tend to use those techniques most often, but mine were mostly machine sewing & machine embroidery, with some hand sewn bits like charms added on. No hand embroidery so they didn’t feel like F&T, no mixed media like paint so they didn’t feel like Art, etc. If you had asked me for a gut reaction, ‘Where should these go?’, I would have said a Sewing category. After all, even if you hand embroidery one, or paint one, you still sew the pocket, and the base is still cloth that has been cut & sewn. :woman_shrugging:


I’m not saying Covid is over. I’m well aware of the fact that the virus will be with us for a while, as we search for a vaccine and fight flare ups. But there will also come a point, before the disease is gone, when we’ve sewn enough masks. When we will have made enough that everyone has a few to be washed and reused. For lack of a better analogy, there comes a point where the market is saturated. Meanwhile, for a craft website that has only 6 real craft categories that all others fall into, I don’t think Masks will merit a category on its own, even over the next year. But, Ido think it would be a good Tag within a Sewing category.

Masks go into Fashion > Accessories just like gloves, scarves, etc. We might give them their own tag there, though, at this rate.


Great thoughts! Thank you!

I fear this might always be the case even if we had an actual category called POST YOUR PRAYER FLAGS HERE. :laughing: Naturally, people want to post to where they are most connected, be it the technique, that’s the category they like to post most often in, or even because they have a goal to post in every category for the year.

I know there is absolutely zero configuration that will satisfy every person, but getting examples of what might go there definitely helps me, so thank you for mentioning one!


If we had sewing, I agree with @endymion that quilting fits under that. Off the top of my head, I could also see tags like zip pouches, prayer flags, buntings, mini quilts or art quilts, sewn toys or books, mug rugs, tote bags, etc. I know some of these can probably fit under other categories, but I know for me personally, I’d rather post a tote bag (my general style) under sewing–> bags than fashion–> bags and wallets because I don’t consider them fashion products. Also, zip pouches aren’t exactly bags, so it’s a “where does that go?” situation. It ends up in misc, as do pencil pouches that I make, although, I’d easily add them into a pouch tag.


I would love a general sewing category! I have problems finding sewn projects for inspiration. Also, where would sewn sleep masks go?

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Right now, fashion, accessories, along with fabric masks. That seems a funny category because they are a functional rather than fashionable item but it’s the best fit at the moment.

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I agree, fashion is clothing, or fru-fru stuff. I am way past the fashion stage so I never think of that category. Finding homes for the odd bags, prayer flags, and my fabric collages is awkward. I want them in sewing because I use my machine for all kinds of things…not “fashion”. And multiple tags helps people find things easier. Please add sewing.