Sewn zipper pouch - using up my scraps!

I love having little pouches to keep stuff in but I haven’t made one in forever. My last go round was discouraging cause the fabric and zipper combo was not good together. This one turned out almost perfect - the zipper ends could be a teensy bit cleaner, IMO.

Fabric is by Kobayashi and printed in Japan.

(Semi-Cute GIANT nerd story… Google Translate does NOT like the company name on the selvedge. I’ve never been able translate the company name, that is until recently! I’ve been studying Japanese and FINALLY know enough of the alphabets to read it myself! I literally dropped the fabric I was so surprised and excited!!)


Well done! Both the little pouch, which is very cute, as well as the translation breakthrough.




Nice! I love zip pouches too, so handy! :slight_smile:

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