Sh-h-h seagull, shush

I love making mug rugs. They are little mini quilts to me and I get to play in scrappy fabrics. I made this for my partner who lived by the sea and wished that the seagulls would just shush once in a while. Hopefully, this will help.

I always start by layering up strips or scraps of fabric and then stitching like crazy. Having cut-out areas are always a bit of a mind-boggler, when do I stitch and then cut out since until they are cut, they are invisible. Did I position the underlying fabric correctly. The seagull ended up on top because of this, but it was a happy accident. Works better this way.

Now for tea and a biscuit.


Really lovely my friend.

Stunning work! I love the cut out bits. And the seagull is just perfect.

I love the seagull on top! And I adore the cut-outs. They really make the entire thing pop!

That is unbelievably gorgeous.

Beautiful work…you paint with fabric and thread.

This is fabulous! You did an amazing job.

Fabulous job!

Great work!

I can’t resist, try as I might, I can’t, there’s no such thing as a Sea Gull. Each kind of Gull has a name but not Sea. Maybe your partner should trying telling the Gulls to be quiet and they’d understand better :smiley::smiley: okay, off my soapbox now

Thank you @Cindy, caught by the common name lazy way out. No wonder they won’t shut up! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I tried to resist pointing that out but then figured you could handle me and my comments :smiley:

You were right, no problem. I like a bit of knowledge thrown my way!

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So absolutely gorgeous. You’re like a painter with fabric! SOOOOO LOVELY!

lol I get it but…using common terms has brought everyday people to the joys of birdwatching…even the National Audubon Society has a say…

Seagull or gull, who really cares…

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I am said partner of gull amazing-ness!

I typically just talk to them without giving them a characterising name, so as not to judge or discriminate!! I have no idea what Gull species they are, I think it’s probably classified as “Noisious Gullious”. I was reading about the gull not having a seagull classification recently and find it odd, but it explains more why we get “seagulls” inland!

It is interesting how they develop. The baby gulls are never seen until they are a reasonable size, although I think they are big babies in the first place. The babies are brown and speckled and then they grow up to be these white birds with grey wings.
The babies squawk a bit like cats, then the grown ups caw loud as anything, all day and most of the night!

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I find them to be resourceful and relentless…living just 15 minutes away from the beach, they raid garbage bins, hang out at the mall parking lots, etc. I just want to kill every tourist who wants to feed them on the beach, but being covered in gull poo is their own punishment…lol…we call them seagulls locally because that is where we see most of them here.

relentless! Yes!
I don’t think people here intentionally feed them but the gulls can be very dominant!!

That’s an amazing little work of fiber art! I don’t know that I could set my cup or snack upon it in good conscience.

Do you know why they call them sea gulls? Because if they lived by the bay they’d call them bagels
I had this joke planned out before I got a “gull” education. I swear I learn more from this website than any other!


ha ha ha I also learn a lot from this website…interesting to see everything from redoing furniture to building a home to learning about birds and mythical creatures…all in good company and in good fun!

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