Shades of the Eighties

Or was it the early nineties? Either way, I gave my entire box of ribbon curling supplies including the needles to a sweet teenage budding crafter in the aughties. And now… Well, now, I need to curl yarn. So it is back to the hardware store for affordable wooden dowels and the kitchen for affordable wooden skewers. Oh how I would love to have that stash of inexpensive metal knitting needles back. I want to say there is a good reason I never part with craft supplies even though I will likely never again curl ribbon for hair clips for me to wear nor will I ever be able to knit. However, I am comforted by the thought that I put a pretty craft kit into the hands of a budding crafter at a time when it would do her the most good.


I have at least a dozen knitting needles which I use for various things, none of them knitting.


Same…some of them are working as plant stakes…I just can’t see a reason to let them go…I have the first pair I knit with back in 1964!