Shadow knitted wrist cuffs (and bonus hat/scarf)

Wohoo! First finished object this year! They are wrist cuffs, but our trusty thermos got to model them.

Shadow knitting or illusion knitting was one of the first ”fancy” techniques I tried as a knitting newbie. The basics are fairly simple and requires only knitting, purling and lifting stitches to make a neat edge.

I was excited about it and told a friend who joked that I could knit a scarf that looked like a hat (or hat that looked like a scarf, I can’t remember). Later, he got a very special scarf as a gift :grin:

The design is visible at an angle and otherwise just looks striped if you look at it. It doesn’t show up great on a small, curved object like these cuffs, but still adds a bit of interest. The most important part was to give G something soft and warm to help his cold hands.

The black yarn is a superwash merino and the multicoloured one is from Easyknits. I can’t remember the yarn base since it’s lived in my stash for 10+ years :grimacing: I think it’s merino/silk. It’s very soft and a bit slippery, but doesn’t have the feel of pure silk. The white yarn is just cotton yarn for a provisional cast on. I grafted them together with kitchener stitch when they reached round the intended wrist.

And just for fun, here’s my first shadow knitting project, the hat/scarf scarf/hat:


”Mössa” is the Swedish word for hat/beanie. It’s knitted in an acrylic yarn, and I think I charted the letters myself, at least the Ö.


Optical illusion/secret message knitting!? AWESOME!


I know, right?

I have never heard of this and it is insane! This is one of the coolest tricks ever! Everything turned out awesome. It is so neat!


It’s such a neat technique! And there are some truly next level stuff that can be done with it too.

This is probably the best resource for the really, really cool things:


It’s like knitting in secret code! :exploding_head:


Never heard of illusion knitting before. Pretty amazing! And congrats on your first completed project of the year. I think it’s hilarious that the thermos was your model.


I love these cuffs and I, too, love illusion knitting. Great fun and a wink, wink, knowing nod with the yarny recipient is always awesome in my book. :slight_smile:

Oh, and bonus points for the deep dive stash use!

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Love Woolly Thoughts! Debbie New’s book, Unexpected Knitting, is fantastic if you can get your hands on a copy. Lots of experimental knitting. Some mathy, some arty, all the kind of cool that inspires &/or makes you think. :slightly_smiling_face:

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