Share some of my handmade crafts

This is a sewing thread storage box made several years ago, designed to provide a beautiful home for a full set of Superior Kimono silk threads. I hope that after coming to Canada, I will still have the opportunity to make it!


Wow! Very pretty! It looks great With all those spools in it, as well.

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Update some more detailed photos, please.


How lovely and so practical!

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Welcome to Lettuce Craft! The thread holder is beautiful!

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The little pull out thread holder is very practical and lovely…a beautiful way to organizer the things you need to do a project.

I could just spend hours looking at that room…so many threads and beautiful things on display!

Thank you all for liking it. I will continue to share some of my early handmade works, all wooden items related to fabric because I am a small carpenter.


This turned out looking great!

Wow! Really has my attention! I just love this!