Shawl to Sweater (well, maybe half a sweater?)

Wearing this at work today. It’s totally inappropriate for my office, but I just finished it last night and my knitting group meets this evening:

It used to be this shawl, which I crocheted in 2011 and wore maybe 3 times. It was made of Lana Gatto Germania (which I believe is discontinued):

It wasn’t the most fun yarn to frog, but the end result was not bad. I find it easiest, once I’ve freed the bind-off end, to tie that to one arm of my swift and wind on there as I pull out the yarn. This shed a lot of floof, and there were still some stray ones which I tried to pick out while knitting. I still have about 2½ of these skeins left, so I have to think of something to do with them. Maybe a matching cowl? The sweater is nice and soft and cozy.

I used a Knitty pattern by Amy Palmer called Ceibo, but I didn’t follow it exactly. My sleeves are longer and wider, and my neckline is a little rounder. (I also reinforced the shoulders and back neck with crocheted slip stitch.) It was a fun and easy knit, and the construction is very clever. It does look a little confusing at first, but if you just take it step by step, it works out fine. I would knit this again if I could come up with an excuse for having two half-sweaters!


So much more wearable now! I think it looks really cute on you! I printed out the pattern…it loos to be reversible as well?

I wear a lot of black, so a little punch of color in a knit is also nice!

I like your sleeves a lot better and good idea to reinforce.

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Yes, the front and back neck are shaped the same so it can be worn with the opening to the front or back (I didn’t post my back picture here because the door of the stall behind me came open so you can see the toilet :sweat_smile:).

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Great job on salvaging yarn from a precious project! I love the vertical stitch direction, too!

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Great idea. And it looks good on you.


it looks great and I think you totally made it work for the office with the shirt underneath!

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I love that you reclaimed the yarn from something you weren’t wearing. I think the end result is awesome!


Love the look of the sweater! Colours are nice and the shape is lovely.
Great job on re-using yarn!