Sheep bone critter yard art

I found a sheep bone in the back woods.

Tons of sheep around my home.
After cleaning it up, I painted it for a friend’s birthday, who has tons of yard art.

The bone looked so much like a creature with spread wings.
regular acrylic paint, 2 coats of glue to weatherproof it.

thanks for looking!


Oh wow. That’s so creative! It does look kind of like a bat or mystical bird or something. Great job!

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I never would have guess that was a bone! Very creative.


That is really creative.

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What a cool way to “resurrect” a found bone! I just rediscovered a box of found bones and teeth when doing some reorganizing and this might have given me ideas.

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I love it!! The paint work is lovely and the colors were an excellent choice - such a cool piece of yard art and so neat that it was a found bone. Very cool.

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So vibrant and out-of-the-box! I love it!

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