Shelly the Snail

The yard is coming back to life and I’ve started to notice a few little critters making their home in my garden beds! I thought maybe if I made a decoy to go undercover I might be able to root out their master plans…


day 43-they don’t suspect a thing
you’ll fit right in!


:rofl: That’s the goal!

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Ha! This is too funny!

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Yes! Please share your findings about those pesky critters…I would love to learn how to circumvent their invasions!

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Aw I love it!!!

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Gah! So cute!

HOLY.SCHNIZZLE. I dearly love Shelly! ohhh, and the antennae!! SUPERB!

Are you going to stuff a fake arm so you can have him out?

So, to them are we like the Gorgs in Fraggle Rock? The giants that live behind them and stomp around all the time. Can’t wait for you next dispatch from behind enemy lines.

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Shelly, the Grand Poobah of the Loyal Order of Slimefoots!

That is the cutest!

How cute!!

Haha thanks! I haven’t been in the house too long or anything… :sweat_smile:

This guy has a future in Undercover Ops! The eye stalks… BAHAHAHAAAAA!

@ilovesnaills, just look at this cuteness! Ack, I can hardly stand it! :snail:

SQUEEEEE!!! He’s wonderful!!! I think I need him in my life!!!

I don’t think your plan will work, Shelly the Snail is just too cute to be scary :joy:

I’d love to see the movie of Shelly the snail, friend or enemy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

lol…I was going to comment something along these lines…making friends…:crazy_face:


Sacrifice one of your socks and you can have a friend too! :joy: :grimacing:

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Best decoy ever! They will never realize what is really going on.