Shiny Brite Soap Box

I made a batch of honey almond soap for my sweetie and didn’t wanted a fancy box to put them in. We both love retro/vintage images so I decided to use this fun Christmas paper to make a Shiny Brite-ish box for him.

Here’s a picture of the soap I made.


how cool! and the soaps are gorgeous.
I wrapped my husband’s handmade gift in a shoebox. Maybe I could up my game…

these are all so great!

OOH! Nice!
P.S. I was today years old when I learned what Shiny Brite is. I just googled it. :slight_smile:

The box is retro-cool and those soaps are wonderful!

OMG! That’s such a great way to present your delicious soaps!

Me, too … I remember my mom having these but didn’t know they had an official name.

Love your soap, and the box is super cool! (Incidentally, I love Shiny Brite ornaments and all the projects that people make from vintage ornament boxes.)

Did you cut the actual box with your Cricut?

I did use my Cricut for the box. I am having so much fun with it.