Shoe Bags from a Pillowcase

When I travel, I usually put my shoes inside a plastic grocery bag so I keep them separate from my clothes. But, now that I’m trying to eliminate plastic bags when I shop (and with a bag ban on its way), I decided I needed something better.

I had this old pillowcase that was just so cheerful that when it started to look a little worn out, I couldn’t seem to throw it away.

So, I trimmed it down to size (18" X 14" according to the tutorial I used)

Folded it in half …

Marked 1.5" down from the top edge

And stitched it around, starting below the marked line. Then, I folded over the unsttched edges near the seam and stitched them in place. Next, I folded over the raw edge of the top (to crest a small hemmed edge) and stitched it in place before I folded it over about 3/4" and stitched it down to create the casing. I threaded through some ties that I had taken off of an old chair pad, and then it was done!

They’re pretty cute, but I don’t know how long they’ll last. They’re also kind of small, so I don’t think they’d fit a pair of running shoes. Sandals, flats, maybe a pair of heels but not any shoes much bigger than that. I’d definitely make them larger the next time (and I could have- I cut off a lot of the pillowcase.


They sure do beat plastic bags! And they are cute with a memory for you!

Just be sure they open easily in case your luggage is selected for random checking at airports…

Could you use one bag per running shoe? It might be easier to pack…I usually wear mine since they are the heaviest and biggest, but then I take the next size and lay them out toe to toe…two bags would work better for me when I pack…


I did think about trying one running shoe per bag. Not that I run, of course, so they’re not essential. If I need them, I’m likely to just wear them. I’ll test them out tomorrow to see what fits :slight_smile: I can always make bigger ones!


These bags are pure delight! Pooh and Piglet and their friends never fail to make folks smile.


HAPPY PIGLET!!! and yay for you to hug the planet!


What a fun use for this! I did a similar idea with vintage Mickey Mouse sheets–I made “ziploc” bags with velcro that my art teacher friend uses to store individual bags of Lego and other manipulatives.


I keep a pillow and sleeping bag in my car, and this was the pillowcase I used for years. Every time I took the pillow out, it always did make me smile :grinning:

Thanks, JC! And, I agree, piglet is the happiest of the two!

Thanks! And, Lego storage bags are a great use for old sheets and pillowcases. I don’t think this pillow case would hold up to Legos (I’m a bit worried about shoes). But, I have some cool sheets that I have plans for and I think one set has pillowcases, too. Those could definitely handle a bit more abuse. I like the idea of adding velcro to them- more secure than a drawstring.


I mean, is there a more joyous face?? I’m glad you made sure he was featured.

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I wish I could have put his face right on the front, but it didn’t work with the way the bag was constructed.

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Wellllll…, can you rip out the seam, and put it parallel to his arms? It would put the seam in the back, but it would center him.

Or just leave it, you know he’s there! I do love how wide open he is, with his little arms, though. It kinda makes me want to look for one.

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They’re adorable! I’m sure they’re going to be very useful for whatever gets packed into them!

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I did consider centering the seam in the back, but at the time (it was late, and I was texting with my siblings, so I was distracted), I couldn’t figure out if it would work. It would only be the bottom seam I’d have to change, so I might do that!

Thanks! And, I’m still hoping it’ll be shoes. I could pack dirty socks in there (instead of the plastic bag I usually use for dirty socks), but I’d have to swap out the ties. I think they’re wool, so if I launder the bags, they might shrink (they were a pain to put in, so I don’t want to have to take them out every time).


Zero pressure. Just chatting.

Also, I was on the phone when I jacked my dryer balls ALL UP. (I mean, how does that happen???) So, I’m beyond impressed you have a well composed, finished object!!


Great idea!


Clever AND adorable!

Thank you! I do wish I had made them bigger, but I can still use them for smaller shoes.