*Short* Order Cook - Pizza, Needle Felting


Here you go again, killing me with cuteness! Can I have a large veggie pizza to go please?


I love the variety of all the different themes you come up with. His face looks like he is having a great time.


Look at the cuteness! He’s great. :heart:

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Thank you, @bethntim!! Unfortunately he doesn’t do any large kind of pizza! :wink: :mouse:

Thanks @gozer!! My son eats a lot of pizza so he sort of inspired this mouse even though my son has never tossed a pizza dough in his life! I’ve tried a couple of times. :mouse:

Thank you, @wittychild!! He was fun to make!! :mouse:

So stinking cute! I love the sauce stain on his apron.

He is super adorable and as always a fantastic sculpture from you! I’m really impressed at how thin that crust is though! I can never needle felt something that thin and make it still look good :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @Bunny1kenobi!! The stain on his apron is “set”. I wet felted the fabric for his clothes so had to plan the stain in advance. :wink: :mouse:

Thank you @PerfectlyBohemian Merino fiber and the right needle tool (mine) with the correct size needles and used in the appropriate way. I did trim some fly away fibers around the edge just to neaten it a bit more. :mouse:

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He is just the cutest. I can’t wait until you make enough mice to fill a little mouse village.


So when are you going to put out children’s books of all these adorable critters? Because I’ll clearly be pre-ordering that. Heartbreakingly adorable.


This is amazing!

Throwing dough is fun! I worked at a pizza place for 6 years. We didn’t bake the pizzas (strictly take’n’bake), but we had so much fun making them.

Myself and a guy I worked with back then would toss the dough that needed to be thrown out back and forth to see how large we could get it before we tore a hole in it or punched through. My nieces love watching me toss the dough when we make homemade pizzas now :blush:


Thank you @racky!! I feel like I already have that many. I think they need to move! :mouse:

Thanks @MistressJennie!! I think for that they would need better photographs than I can do (cameras and I are not friends) and some sort of stories. Would love to do that if it were possible.

Thanks @storerboughtcreation!! How long did it take for you to get good at tossing pizza dough? Any tips for when I next try it?

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I love his happy expression!! He is the cutest pizza maker I’ve ever seen! I would love to see a collection of all your life gathered together.

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I’d say it took only a few tries to get the hang of it and not drop it on the floor. It took a few weeks to be confident enough to toss it a bit higher.

Make some extra dough the next time you do pizzas. Practice tossing it. If you don’t drop it and it works out, you have an extra pizza. If you drop it, that’s ok. It’s why you made extra :grin:

Make sure your hands are dry, you’ve removed any jewelry (especially rings) from your hands and wrists, and if the dough is a little sticky/tacky, add a little flour to your hands. It also works best if your dough is fully proofed and not elasticy. Good luck!


Thank you @AudiobookLover!! It would not be easy to do a group photo of the ones that are still here. Can’t do it inside because of the cats, no suitable place outside in which to set them up. We have no lawn/grass. :mouse: Would be interesting if I could!

Thanks for the tips @storerboughtcreation!! When I used to make up pizza dough it was always for about 4 pizzas. We’d use one and put the others into the refrigerator. It shouldn’t be “elasticy” so it doesn’t retract as hard when you stretch it? :mouse:


That little apron and ladle are so cute!

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How precious!

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Yep. If you haven’t let it warm up long enough, it won’t stretch well. During the summer, I can let my dough proof for an hour and it works well. During the winter, I sometimes have to let it proof longer because it’s a little cooler in the house, sometimes up to two hours. Poke your dough ball when you think it’s ready. Your small indent shouldn’t pop back out immediately.

And now I really want pizza. Mmmmmmmmm!


Thanks @Kwality570! The ladle is a nut shell and English ivy vine! I made two, one full of sauce and one not. Lesson is: you should not toss pizza dough with a full ladle!

Thank you @Pookie!! :mouse: We have “Pookies” around our home, the name coming from a puppet that was on the Soupy Sales show. Our “Pookies” are larger stuffed and extremely cute lions, not puppets.

Thanks @storerboughtcreation! I used to make bread often so familiar with proofing. Used to have an antique bread dough safe. Not sure what happened to that over all the years. Will have to try making up some dough soon and give tossing a try! :pizza:


Congrats! Your Short Order Cook is one of this week’s featured projects. You rule the pizza parlor!