Show us your homemade Holiday Cards 2020-2021

That is so cute!!! Very clever how it opens up and stands up.

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Such a clever idea!!!

The finger print turtles came to our house! Love them, they are getting saved to put out every year. So frikken cute, gah!

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I am happy to get mail any time…I got adorable art from @ErinAquaheart as well as a card from @kittykill…seems like mail is finally coming through…I got my fruitcakes I ordered in November and a bunch of cards from family and friends…thanks, everyone…during this time, getting fun stuff in the mail really adds a bit of brightness to the day!

I sent out a print of one of my watercolor nutcrackers and a print from my gf Lynn Aquaheart.


You are both so talented…I just love them!

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They are amazing!
So festive and colorful and talented.

I love this idea of turning your artwork into greeting cards. I might do that next year :slight_smile:

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