Show us your homemade Holiday Cards 2020-2021

Did you design and/or make your own Christmas / New Year / Holiday cards this year?
We’d love to see them!


This is mine:


Our wishes for 2021

That we will be able to breathe relieved
again soon, without a mouth mask

and we no longer have to move in
circles around each other,

that we can work together again,
can live together, enjoy,

that you can see our smile again
and feel our arm around your shoulders.

Have a fantastic new year!

(I hope you like it.)


Great card and lovely sentiment.

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Thank you, @endymion!

Seems like a good place for @kisses713crafter to show off some amazing cards.

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Surely I’m not the only one who designed/made their own seasonal cards?

I Will show more cards soon as the holiday rush is done.


I made individual cards for the Holiday Card Exchange! I love making these silly cards…they start with a lot of inky fingerprints…this is the first batch…I have eight more to take pictures of…each one is different…it is amazing how you can turn a fingerprint into an animal…lol


This is straight from an Ed Emberley book! Am I right? I loved those books when I was a kid. Your cards are so cute!

I have no idea who that is…I will look it up…I just like to get my hands dirty like a kid…lol…I have made these every since I was a kid, so maybe I have some imprint on my brain? lol

So easy…stamp your fingers and let the print spark your imagination!


I used a graphics program to create a tree design from the words “Happy Hollydaze” and our names, 3D printed it as an ornament, and fastened it to the front of a card with a hand painted snowy sky. I printed the trees in 3 different colors; hubster used all the glow in the dark blue ones for his friends, so I just have green and white ones left.


very high tech and cool!


More fingerprint cards for the Holiday Card Exchange…I can’t seem to stop…lol


These are great! I especially love the cranes.

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My sister lives in Florida so that one was for her…the one with ten cats is for my brother…yes, he has ten cats!

Once people get them, they will know I sort of made them with them in mind…I have about 30 other animals that I can think of…I wish I had kept better track of my past cards…oh well…no two can ever be the exact same with handmade, right?


i see that too! i am obsessed with his books. in fact i use his style to make most of my cards (see the 13 days halloween swap).


I am so glad this topic came back to life!

@AIMR, I love your fingerprint-animal cards! And how you made so many different ones.
They are beautiful and fun. Great job!

And @steiconi, your cards wit 3d-printed ornaments of your own design are amazing!
The recipients will be so happy receiving those. Awesome!

Who else made/designed their own holiday cards this year and would like to share them with us?

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Here is what I did this year, just brown cardstock and a white gel pen with a few color accents. Shows all the sides, is 3D but folds flat for mailing.


Those are lovely!
I like how you used mainly white on brown, like a gingerbread house.

Love this! Lots of nice details and the fact that it will mail flat but open up is really fun!

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