Shrink plastic Fall/Halloween necklace

Done a few shrink plastic swaps lately. This was a fall themed necklace. Recipient asked for Halloween, so made removable charms to switch necklace between Fall & Halloween.


It’s very pretty and I like that you can change the charms so she can wear it for more than just Halloween.
The potion bottles are pretty. My favorites ones are the ones with eyeballs in them. It takes a second to register since they look so whimsical and pretty.

How charming!

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Ooh, I like how you got the curl to the leaves. Very nice! :slight_smile:

Nice details on those charms! It makes me want to get out my shrinky dink paper… it’s in one of these boxes somewhere…

I was drawn back to shrink plastic by Julie Haymaker and her amazing molds. Check out her website ( and her shrinkets. It will make you look at them on a whole new way.

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Those molds are fantastic. I’ve seen shrink plastic molded around a finger to make a ring, but I haven’t seen beads like that.

SHUT UP! I love this so hard!

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They way you mixed shrinkies with other kinds of beads is so smart. Every time I make shrinkie jewelry it looks juvenile. Yours looks both whimsical and grown up. I love it!


Check out Julie Haymakers website - you will be amazed!

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Congrats! Your Halloween Necklace is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

Very cool :grinning:

What a clever way to make the most of such a cool base piece!

so pretty! i am totally following this link for more info. thanks!

This is super cute.

I love that this is interchangeable (though it’s never wrong to do halloween all season long :wink: )!

I love this so much! Super fun!