Silent night cross stitch

I had this pattern by Country Cottage Needleworks pinned on Pinterest for ages but hadn’t been able to find it. When I finally saw it for sale in a local needlework shop I bought it and started it immediately (this was in early December I think). Actually it was a little bit of a disappointment. While I loved the picture I’d pinned I always forget that grey-ish colours don’t appeal that much to me irl. That’s why it took me some time to finish it. I will probably frame it next year, I’m not really in the mood for Christmas anymore but wanted to get this thing done.


Oh dear, after all that work how disappointing that you don’t love it. I think it’s wonderful, the paleness gives a sense of the serenity of a quiet snowy night with that warm glow of light spilling from the windows.
Maybe it would make a nice gift for friends or family next year? And just think, you have gotten started so early!


I think it is beautiful, and very nicely done.

Would it work to stitch up the pattern again in different colors?

I agree with @Magpie- the grey and white evoke a serene feeling, and it brings to mind the calm and quiet that I feel while watching the snow fall.

Maybe, when you frame it, you can use a green mat to accent that color, making it feel less grey for you.

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Awww, man. What a bummer you weren’t happy with it after all that. I hope you find some new inspiration in it next holiday season! It looks quite pretty and neatly done :slight_smile:

I think it’s very pretty!

It is a pretty picture and like @craftADDchick said, once you press it and find a complementing mat and frame I’m sure you will change you mind.

I LOVE IT!!! And I’m so sorry you hate the colors! I just love these colors (even when someone called them dingy). You could go back and put some little splashes of brighter colors. Just a couple!

Or, maybe after you put it in the Time Out chair for a bit, you will have new eyes when you see it again!


I think it’s beautiful - and good on you for finishing it!

It turned out so pretty. Your stitching is so neat and clean.