Silk cloaks for reenactment

Our local SCA site has recently become a barony. I volunteered to make the baronial cloaks. And boy was I sorry that I did. They are raw silk and quite large. I have a personal standard with re-enactment garb to not have any machine sewing visible on the outside. So I hand hemmed them. They were the longest hems each is a bit more that a semi-circle. I’m a reasonably speedy at hand sewing. Each green hem took over three hours. I sewed the cream lining with a blind hem on the machine.

But I am happy with how they turned out. Modelled by my people. With Alfie the cat.


Very nice!!

I love re-enactment stuff but I’m less picky about the machine sewing bit. :wink: Maybe that’s actually pronounced “lazy”. :grin:


Very nice work, Edel!

(The Laurel in me is appreciative of that extra touch. :wink: )


Thank you :grin: I’ll never be a Laurel, the groups in Ireland are all small with a large crazy quotient, so I play for a while and then have to take a step back, for my own sanity. I did however win the year long Drachenwald Kingdom artisan competition last year. So I am the kingdom artisan and given Covid, have continued to be!


Beautiful my Friend!

These are lovely. I appreciate your commitment to those hems.

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Beautiful work. And your people look regal wearing them.

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Hi, Edel’s people!

I’m in awe of all the hand sewing! I’m sure it pays off in the result and hopefully the rest of the barony appreciates your effort and skills. That green is gorgeous and I bet especially nice up close.

Is pink the tradition color for baronial Crocs?


I just realized that green silk is pretty much camouflage in Ireland!


Yes, pink crocs are the traditional foot wear of the ancient Irish :joy: found on all of the best bog bodies


They are beautiful and I bet they feel amazing being silk.

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that was definitely an act of love! They’re lovely!

You didn’t hand weave them in tapestry depicting the history of your clan, or at least embroider the baronial arms? Slacker!

Just kidding, those are amazingly beautiful!

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I know, I’m a complete slacker :grin:

@gozer actually they don’t feel as nice as you’d imagine, it’s a raw silk so they’re not too soft, but they drape really well


Oh man, I can tell by the drape that those hems must have been looooong!! Good call on blind hemming the lining! :laughing: I guess the good thing is, now that it’s done, there shouldn’t be a need for new baronial cloaks! Well done!

At least you did not use any traditional ways of getting that deep green color dyed fabric… :rofl:

They look lovely and well done…the draping is perfect and even…