Silk Dyed Hard Boiled Eggs

Hi Everyone!

Does anyone else do the silk tie Easter egg dying method?? Normally I wouldn’t post something like this but I actually love to see the results! I know a lot of you have stashes and this might be something fun to do with the kiddos too! I used an old silk scarf for my project and I’m pretty happy with the results! Hoping everyone is well and now super motivated to chop up your husbands old silk ties so I can see what great results you get!! :laughing:

This years eggs using a silk scarf (thrifted, of course!)


Last years eggs using multiple silk ties (also thrifted)


Oh, that is so gorgeous! I’m not sure I’d eat those eggs afterwards not know if the dye was non-toxic but it would be easy enough to blow them empty first.

So pretty!

Yes! If you blow them out they want to float in the water so you have to get creative with submersion techniques. Personally I used the Wooden-Spoon-Pot-Lid Combo method :joy:

Can you explain how this is done? I’ve never heard of this way before.

Oh wow, these might be my favorite eggs yet.

There is an old topic on deadster that I had bookmarked for years but never found enough nice silk ties to try it.


Very awesome technique with an awesome result!

@Homerof2 here is a link from Pinterest but you can google it too. I would not recommend using rubber bands to hold the fabric on the egg though… mine melted in the pot. I used twist ties this year and it worked better.

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I wonder if you could tie them up in the leg of an old stocking to hold the silk in place. That might solve the submersion issue too, the knots could be made around something heavy like small stones. I feel an experiment coming on!


So pretty!

Yes, very pretty! May have to try this next Easter.

Wow! Those are so neat!