Silk Screen Resources for Beginners?

(pic for funsies, not necessarily an example)

I thought I’d try the Art section for this question since silk screen does not necessarily have to be on textiles.

I’d like to try my hand at it as since I have a milestone birthday coming up in a few months, I thought I could ask for a silk screen set up, but what would that entail exactly? I would love the idea of producing the same image(s) multiple times (a bunch of totes, tea towels, etc.), so I assume I’d need at least a few screens.

Annnnnyway if anyone has kits other resources for advice to recommend, I’d love to hear them!


You can buy premade screens like this:

The finer the mesh, the more detail you can get from your design.

Then you’d be venturing into the world of how you want to create your image. You could do photo emulsion if you feel comfortable with that, or drawing fluid and filler.

There’s a lot that goes into it, but I used to do a lot before so if you have specific questions, I’m always happy to lend my expertise. :wink: