Silky flamme yarn

Would someone please advise if a yarn made of 50% wool, 30% FSalpaca and 20%silk will felt? I have been thinking of making some eastery things but dont Want to waste time and yarn jf felting isnt possible.

If there’s a label, it may list washing instructions to help you decide if it’s feltable or not. Or text out a small amount? It could be super wash, you just don’t know with yarns.

Yeah, that’s what i was worried about. I like the yarn and dont want to ruin it by trying to make it do something it isnt made for.

What do you think?

It says 30 degrees by hand and warm iron. Chances are, this will felt. How well though is difficult to know. I would make up a swatch and test it. It’s likely you can needle felt it quite well, if that’s an option.

cool, thanks! I appreciate the input. I have needle felting tools so that would be a good option…

You rock!

Excellent! I’m excited to see what you’re making :).