Silly Hand Washing Reminder Towel

A few years back I was collecting a bunch of pins to inspire silly bathroom signs and came upon this one which is clever, but not quite right for our household, but I had an idea to change it to fit us to a (TheMistress) T!

Given all the hubbub and furor all over the place these days about coronovirus and how people should handle it vs. how people are handling it, it seemed like the perfect time to put my change to use! I decided to go with embroidery and then decided to used a vintage linen towel from my stash.

I used 5 shades of green DMC floss (all from stash, not all labeled), 4 different fonts (made the pattern in Photoshop), and 3 different stitches (split-, back, and stem stitch). Well, 4 stitches if you count the single French knot!

It’s a family piece, but I don’t really know who had it originally. Sucha pretty chrysanthemum in the weave - it is nice to make it into something we’ll actually use instead of just having it folded in a storage bin.


What a nice way to preserve a family piece and yet customize it to meet today’s needs!

Yes, definitely wash hands because of those reasons!

I frikken love this the most of anything, EVER!


Love it!

This rocks! What a great way to update your vintage piece.

Thanks everyone!

HA! I love it!

This is just wonderful! And I love that you’ve made this lovely piece into something you will use and enjoy often!

Your stitches are great! Love the saying!

Thanks so much, Lettuce-ites!

If only I could find linen with footprints woven into it!

Hahaha! So great. Way to one up the inspiration! :wink:

Footprints or no footprints, this is awesome!

Form and function. High marks!!


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This is absolutely marvelous!

Thanks so much!

I love everything about this! The heirloom towel, the modified quote, and your impeccable stitching just make me smile!

This captures the vibe of your home while reminding everyone to not be gross :laughing: Awesome!

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Thanks, friends!