Silly Skeleton Calendar - 2020

I spent about a year taking photos of a couple of “life size” skeletons - mostly in costume as TheMistressT and TheMisterT - around our place to create a calendar for TheMisterT (formerly known as TheManFlesh) for Christmas. It was a challenge coming up with 12 different things for the skeletons to do that I could actually make them do that didn’t require me hauling them all over and that I could do quickly and quietly with no rap music and no flash dancing. Here are a few selected images!



It was my intention initially to include a live Delia Dog in the pics as a funny contrast, but few of those first few photos with her turned out. Partly because she was not particularly interested after the first one and partly because sometimes it did not work for framing.

The calendar itself was made using the Costco Photo department.

He LOVED it!


That’s a riot :joy:

Reminds me of a plastic skeleton wall decoration that my college roommate and I got one year for Halloween. After Halloween had ended we decided that we loved him so much, we kept him up and started dressing him up for other holidays.

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What a clever idea. I bet he loved it!

You are a creative BEAST! My gosh, this is beyond. Of course he loved it, I’d love it too :blush:

Thanks, everyone! He said it was his favorite gift! And together we figured out a place to hang it where we and others could see it, but it would be hidden in May - which is his birthday month and therefore slightly risque! :star_struck:

This is hilarious and I love it. :joy:

HA! This is hysterical.

Thanks, pals!

Now we all want to see May! LOL, what could those boney folk be up to, I wonder :thinking:

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OMG such a fun and special gift, I would have been surprised if you had written he DIDN’T like it! Great job wit hall the different pictures, I think you did a marvellous job

I see what you did there!

Also, I immediately wanted to know what it was. Had it not been mentioned, I wouldn’t have known I needed it. I am a simple creature.

Well, let me make it clear that it’s not at all graphic! I mean, I had to have Costco print and assemble this, after all!

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haha! this is GREAT! :smiley:

Darling, you are a hoot! I love it.

Aw, thanks y’all!