Simon's Cat [punch needle]

Hee hee hee! that just makes all of us giggle, heh.

I’m done…for a little. I’m busy setting up the backside so it can be cut out.

The black spot on the top left was done to see what depth I would want the needle to be. Since I wanted to cut out the shape once finished, that spot wouldn’t matter, and definitely gave me a good idea of how I wanted to do it.

Also, only towards the end (of course) I figured out how to better fill in around the outlines. You have to turn the frame around and punch carefully from the backside. Which is fairly tedious, but does look so much better.


Oh, my this is cute! I love Simon’s Cat and this is just a wonderful homage. About how big is it?

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Roughly 18 inches. Perfect for hanging over a curtain, heh.

:thinking: looks like I’ll want some kind of stiff backing. Maybe a pop box will be stiff enough. Maybe??? Hmmmmm


OMG! That’s life sized! I LOVE IT!


Very cool!!!

Eeeeeeee! I love Simon’s cat! This is grand.

I wasn’t familiar with Simon’s cat until now. Too Funny!!! I’ll be watching more.

Watching “Spa Day” made me think of a possible addition to your art.
Cat scratches

Thanks for introducing me.

This is so darn cute! I’ve always loved Simon’s Cat!

That is so cute! It would be hilarious hanging on a curtain!

This is adorable!

The finished piece is amazeballs! I love the shot with it in place on the curtains.