Simple crochet door curtain

disclaimer I forgot a final finished picture!

Some time ago, I attempted to teach my boys crochet and really only got as far as chain stitch. However, it occupied my youngest (then probably 8) for a 4-hour car trip, where he chain stitched almost an entire skein.

He wanted to keep all 14m or so, as is, but I convinced him to turn it into a door curtain. My friend runs chair yoga out of her home and I thought it would be a nice addition to her studio.

We (mostly me because they got bored) chain stitched a lot of acrylics and then I cut them to length and tied them to a length of 16mm dowel (5/8"). I then hung the curtain at door height and trimmed any long lengths and added some beads (the bit I forgot to photograph).

I gave it to her today when I went to yoga and she loved it. She also just sent me a voice message to say how much she loves it, how her afternoon client commented on it and how she wants to make one for all the doors (she said even she can do chain stitch). This is why I make things for people. :heart_eyes:

(These are the leftovers, not all the lengths we made)


What a great gift!
Love those bluey-green colors!


I had to come look because I’ve heard of a lot of things but not a crochet curtain. This is really gorgeous! The variegated color scheme is splendid! :sparkler:

  • So easy and quick to make by people who don’t know a lot of crochet stitches.

  • It’s also a wonderful decor piece for the elderly and those with diseases where they are sensitive to touch or noise, because these soft curtains are not hard, heavy to push aside or noisy like beaded curtains.

  • They are also a warm and cozy design element for fall and winter.

Thanks so much for sharing! I too find that the greatest joy of creating is the gifting :gift_heart::shopping::gift: (and also passing on our creative skills like you did with your boys).

P.S. I think I’d like a ragged hem more, with beads.


Love the colours. What a wonderful gift!


What a wonderful way to use that chain stitch and surprise a friend!


Just love that your bpy helped! Some of the best crochet amis I have ever seen were done by a guy.

Practical and pretty…like walking through a waterfall.

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Thanks so much! I’ll try and get an action shot once my friend hangs it to show the beads.


How pretty! I love the beachy colors.

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Very pretty!

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Nice-- my child is working off & on on a long crochet chain (I made her a cardboard spool to wind it onto, so I’m not sure how much she’s got up to at this point)-- perhaps I should mention the door curtain idea to her, since she also recently discovered the joy of beaded curtains…

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This is the coolest thing ever.

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