Simple Jack-o-lantern Halloween Earrings

I’m making a Halloween countdown calendar for a family member with an October birthday and need little things to put into it. I remembered I had these jack-o-lantern beads in my stash, so I made these up real quick-like using stash findings, etc.

The destash nature means that I mixed metal finishes, but it doesn’t bother me given the novelty nature of these.


lol nice hand model for those…

They are cute!

Love these! And the paw!

Thanks, pals!

When I looked up ways to photograph earrings and narrowed down to ones that would required the least amount of effort I saw a few hands. Then I remembered these “monster gloves”! Well, no other option would do!



I sometimes adjust metal colors. Brown permanent marker turns gold to copper; yellow turns silver to gold. I would only use it on the outside bits, not the earwires. And it probably won’t last for many wearings.


Those are very cool Jack O Lantern earrings! And very inventive way to photograph them, too.

Thanks, friends!

These are a cute and stylish to show your Halloween spirit! Love the monster hands! :laughing:

Those earrings are so much fun!

I think the mixed metals look nice and intentional.

Thanks, y’all!

That’s good to hear! I think using the clear bead helped tie in the silver-tone pin. The two coppers feel like an OK combination.

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These are simple yet classic. It’s a great way to do October without being overly Halloween.

Thanks! I would argue that “overly” Halloween is a little like “extra” bacon. Not a real thing! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


These are great! I’d definitely wear them. And what a good idea to make an advent calendar gift for your family member!

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Very cute my friend!

Thanks, y’all!

Very cute!

Very pretty in copper!

Thanks, everyone!