Singing Quilt Blocks

I donate quilt blocks for a community quilt that is raffled off each year to raise money for women’s land. Many women contribute and two wonderful women join everything into a fantastic quilt. This year’s theme was music artists. Choose your favorite song/artist and craft a block. I did two 8 " blocks and two 6" just image blocks. I love doing these art blocks they are a labor of love and really feed my creative side. Enjoy.

I am Willing - Holly Near

August Moon (We Know We Are Love) - Nedra Johnson|

Singing Ferns

Milkweed and Monarchs


I like them all but I love the way you did the ferns! That’s really a cool effect!

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:rabbit2: :nest_with_eggs: :tulip: This is one hoppin’ craft! And it’s one of our featured projects this week! :tulip: :nest_with_eggs: :rabbit2:

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Stunning and so creative!

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Thank you all.

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These are simply stunning. WOW! I am curious if the organization you donate to has images of the finished quilts from past years somewhere online?

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Oh, wow. These are absolutely stunning. I love the way you trapped all that scrap thread under the tulle. The textured fern is a clever way to manipulate the fabric.

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Wow, so beautiful and for such a good cause. The first one really speaks to me and is just so uplifting.

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These are so stunning.

Oh those ferns those ferns!!! Fantastic.

I’m chuckling because everyone has picked different ones to love. That’s one of my favorite things is to see what speaks to people. It’s always amazing.

The ferns are not my favorite, maybe because I have done similar things before. The Holly Near one knocked around my craft room for years, slowly gathering fabric strings as I tore this or that up. It finally found a home. It’s perfect and I love it. Now I have to start another.

The Milkweed is a favorite too. But I do love them all and can’t wait to see the final quilt. It may take months.

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Beautiful! Of course I love that first scrappy one so much. Also the ferns, such texture! Wow.