Site down for a few days? Or just me?

I suspect it’s an issue on my end - since I don’t see anything here about it. For the last few days the only thing I got when I load this site is a page of white. Were there issues with the site? Thanks!

I have not had any issues. I was going to suggest logging out and back in, but if you just get a blank page you probably can’t log out.

Any ideas @sweets4ever @mr.sweets4ever ?

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I’ve been having this problem as well. I’m on a Mac using Safari. I saw a banner on the site saying the site had been updated and I needed to refresh and then I’ve been having issues since.

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Me, too. I’m still using an older version of Firefox so I thought it was just my system. But today I can access the site.

I have had no problems with the site and I visit it every day.
(I’m in Belgium, I use the newest version of Firefox.)

Probably a stupid question, but have you cleared your cache since the problems started?

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Yay, you’re back! I was just wondering abou you the other day!

Yes, please do try this! We have had no downtime recently.

Thank you for all the helpful replies! It’s been fine since then, so shrug :wink:

BTW, sorry to post and vanish, like some kind of drama queen. The day after I posted, Dad got sent to a hospital 2.5 hour drive away. Been driving there and back every day, so this was the first day I remembered!

Thanks again!!