Site Running Very Slow

Hey gang,
It might be just me, but the site is crazy slow for me today. I can’t load my messages and some of them went missing. Is anyone else having slow issues right now?

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Same here, been happening for the last 4-5 hours or so.

Edited to add - comment was about slowness, I haven’t noticed anything with messages.

Just checked and my msgs seem to be all there but yeah, it is slower than usual.

Things seem standard for me.

Kids today! Expect everything to be lightning fast, Whiz! Bang! Pop!
Images taking only seconds to load.

Back in MY day, you had to wait five minutes just for the modem to connect, and hell was if some idiot page designer used a picture that was over 80 dpi…

I haven’t noticed any slowness. Maybe it’s a regional thing.


Some slowness here, at least on my phone. It’s better if I switch to data from my Wi-Fi but still a bit slower overall.

Mine has been slow here, too. I thought it was just me/my connection.

I just saw this. I couldn’t even get the page to load until I force closed Safari and shut off my wifi. It’s still going slow, but at least I can access the site now through mobile. ItI also thought it was my wifi.

I Googled, when the site would not load yesterday, “is Lettucecraft down?” and nothing came up.
Figured I’d just have to wait it out. Glad it is up and running ok

Mine is slower now than it was yesterday.

I wonder whether there might be some updates going on. When I pulled the site up on my phone this morning, the featured projects showed up at the top, which is new.


I pm’d @sweets4ever and @mr.sweets4ever to give them a heads up.

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I think there are some system changes in the works, I signed in from my office just now and the sign in page is completely different.

Same-when I logged on it said that there were 1300+new post on one thread. :rofl: Someone was busy. LOL!

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IF there is a problem, I want to assure you that I will solve it.

In the meantime, please check out this hook while the DJ revolves it.

(Checking) :slight_smile:


Word to ya motha


You’re my people.


any improvements? from my side, I’m not seeing any site degradation


It’s running slightly slower on my iPhone than my laptop still, but I’m only noticing because I’m really paying attention. It seems to be running just fine! Thank you! :blush:

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It was very slow yesterday afternoon but I haven’t noticed any perf issues last night or today.