Sitter Boxes for Cats

I directly copied these from something I saw in an online catalog that supports individual artists/makers, because the originals cost $42 + shipping. Having made 3 I can say the maker deserves every penny of $42! Oof.


They are sold as compression boxes for kitties which is a cool idea and they open up flat which also appealed to me as a gift for easy shipping.


These suckers have - are you sitting down? - 44 corners! That’s 44 pivots (times 2) for sewing! Eight snaps per box which means 16 holes and 16 times assembling 2 parts. I am not certain that this needs two tabs on each corner of the box, but I went on the assumption that the original designer did some R&D and decided this worked the best of the methods they tried. Snaps also seemed less like to be chewed or clawed than ties or buttons.


Annnnnnyway, these are xmas gifts for the cats in our family: cousin cats, nephling cats, sibling cats. All the visible fabrics are from stash. I purchased the snaps and fusible Thermalam Plus Fleece.

The name:
TheMisterT “I know they aren’t litter boxes, but I keep thinking they are.”
Me “I kept referring to them as ‘cat boxes’”
TheMisterT "That’s probably it. [pause while gears turn] Oo! They’re sitter boxes!
Me “YES!”


These are so cool! I’m sure the kitties who are the lucky recipients will love them.

These are so neat! I’m sure all the kitty cousins will love them.

Cool! I hear you re corners … sitting here thinking of alternative methods but they all have their own issues too. Great job!

Thanks, pals! I got them wrapped up and ready to ship out with their families’ gifts which I hope to do by the end of this week! EEP!

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I loce these. My kitties and foster kittens would love them!
One thought I had was ro make a wider tab with two snaps, eliminating the second snap on each corner.
I may try that.

Thanks! I think pretty much any cat would did these, right? :smiley_cat: :package:

I thought about that, too, but I wonder if there is something about the two tabs with one on each side helps them keep their shape and/or stay snapped. I have thought about making the tabs go the full length of the side and be more half-circle shaped. All that said, I may never make another!

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I have revisited the inspo pic and seen where that one would be easier to sew, even with the same number of tabs that are in the same configuration when “closed.” They probably also have a quicker snap setter and a punch (at least) for making holes for the snaps.

These look pretty cool! I have tried several type of cat beds/sitters, and yet, my cats prefer the top of a box or my bed…I can see how the two alternating tabs would be used to hold the shape of a large cat…they could easily be unsnapped if they were both in the same direction, but it sure would take some heft to do that.

Oooh look at all the snappies and they’re so well made! That’s very generous of you to send them to all the kitties!

Thanks, friends!

The inspiration piece claims to be suitable for cats up to 17 pounds! I imagine distributing the strain across the snaps this way would help with such a big kitty!


Aw, these are very cute! I don’t know if the two-way snap configuration makes them sturdier, but it sure does look cool.

I love that you made gifts for family cats. And I love that you recreated these based on something you saw in a catalog. Nailed. It.

On the name, my brain wants to add an “h” in sitter…but then that would basically be a litter box. :laughing:



@endymion I agree about them looking cool which is probably most of the attraction to the inspiration piece - style points matter!

@Abbeeroad Now, we took the “h” out for a reason! :rofl:

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My sister’s cat weighs 25 pounds…my largest cat weighs about 18…but they both like to squeeze into much smaller spaces, so I think your double snaps would hold them! lol

Great job…and what thoughtful gifts!

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One of my childhood cats was a 25-pounder! My adulthood cats were in the low-to-mid teens. I think they both would’ve liked one of these at least before they got arthritic. If I hear back that at least some of the cats like these, then I may make more for friends’ cats. Or if I have time, maybe one for the neighbor cat.

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These came out really nice! You did a great job pairing the fabrics, I’m impressed that you had such perfect fabrics in your stash!

Wow! I purchased some gifts for my family’s pets (and ours) from a local place that did shipping. I usually go to a different local place, but I’m almost shopped out. You went above and beyond for those lucky felines. Ooo place it next to a heating vent and I bet they’ll snuggle right into it.

One of my cats has been laying on some towels for the laundry that are on the floor and have moved on top of a vent. I’ll have to find a replacement towel for the guy. Or they could just, you know, USE THE HEATED CAT BED. Cats. Silly goobers.

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Thanks, y’all!

@AudiobookLover The upside to a ridiculous stash?

@irid3sc3nt I usually make toys and maybe send some store bought treats, but I just couldn’t get this out of my mind so I went for it!


Yes! I got the cats Churu sticks and the dogs got canine jerky. Eight cats, three dogs, not including my own two cats!