Sk8r Babe Accessories Set

One of my dear ones has started roller skating (at 56!) and has a birthday (57!) next week, so I made her some things to support her new hobby and use this fun roller skate print.


This zipper pouch is for her to store her bearings along with her specialty skate tools and accessories. I added some fusible interfacing for extra support.


I was looking through stash and shopping online to find a zipper pull, then realized that the cute little skates from the selvage could make a zipper pull! I cut it wide enough to run through one of my bias table tools, added fusible interfacing to the back, folded it in half and sewed the edges. That grommet and split ring were from stash, as well as the tiny turquoise gingham liner fabric.

I couldn’t stop using this cute print, so decided to embellish a towel for her badass sweaty workouts!

It’s standard hand towel sized.

Because I will be shipping them away to her in another state and won’t be there in person, I made little tags so she would know my intentions.



And the “set” together. I really just can’t get my fill of seeing this fun pattern!



Flippin’ ADORABLE!

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Really really cute!!

What a beautiful gift!
Wow, she starts roller skating at my age!
She’ll love your gift set.

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Thanks, everyone!

I’m 50 now and have been too old to roller skate since I was, like, 14! I skated as a younger kid, but never had the natural athleticism to be any good and it made sense to stop falling earlier than later to me. :upside_down_face:


Gah! It’s amazing! Your peeps are so lucky they know you!

This is so fun! I love that fabric. It POPS! It looks fantastic and I know your friend will love it!

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I LOVE THESE!! so so cute@

Thank you, friends!

Dying of cuteness!!!

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Cutest selvage I’ve ever seen and great usage. So fun.

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These are amazing! I love the fun colors and the print is gorgeous. I love how you put the zipper on the side of the pouch instead of the top - it definitely makes it a lot more fun!

Thanks so much, y’all!

I have bought a few different prints from this same company (Paintbrush Studio) lately and noticed that they do cute stuff on their selveges!

I do like the look of it and how the empty pouch is so flat, but mostly I did it because I thought it would be easier to have a successful zipper! :rofl:

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This is so rad! You totally nailed it.

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I love everything about this set :rainbow:

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Thanks so much, friends!

Congrats! Your Sk8r Babe Accessories Set is one of this week’s featured projects. You are RAD!

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Awww, thanks!

Thats super adorable and Go Her!!!

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UPDATE: She loved them! YEY!