Skirt and Knitted Flower Top for Barbie

I never really gave up playing with dolls…I hope I never do.

Here is a top I knitted and embroidered for my Barbie last year using some scrap yarn. I basically winged the pattern. It closes in back with snaps because she has those odd bend at the elbow arms that makes dressing her a bit difficult.

I couldn’t show it off last year because nothing matched this top! I decided if there ever was a time to get these back burner projects done, it is now! I found a piece of fabric in my scrap bin that had the same colors and made a simple skirt. It closes with a snap as well.

Finally, a complete outfit for her so she can model some of my other projects.


She is stylin’!

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Oh my goodness, that’s cute.

It also reminded me I have two barbies in storage that I crocheted dresses for. Maybe I’ll get them out and share photos.

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So very awesome! I still have the outfits you made for my Blythe.


lol I still have all the patterns I printed for Blythe and a headless Blythe doll body as well…I keep thinking someday, there might be another Blythe clothing/accessories swap…

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I know you collect tiny patterned fabric for just such a project and look how perfect it is!

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Very cute! The top and skirt match perfectly. I remember my sister and I buying some crocheted doll dresses at a senior center craft fair many long years ago. That dress was my favorite! Way better than the store-bought clothes that were often poorly made and fell apart. Your Barbie outfit rocks!


Actually, I gave up making clothes for dolls and gave most of it all away. I got back in when I wanted to make @kittykill some Blythe doll clothing. I think I am regressing as I get older…wanting to do crafts that got me started when I was a child.

My mom made so many clothes for my dolls…I wish I had kept them. Through out the years, I have made some for friends’ kids and even made Barbie canopy beds with little quilts…I keep coming back to them, so I must love it!

I collect tiny prints mostly for tissue holders…but, I might be doing so now for future doll clothes! :smiley:

This was a “need” since I knit this top and another…working on the skirt for that now…will post soon!


Cute outfit…and I love the blue streak in ypur doll’s hair. Yes, we need to have another dolly outfit swap. It has been ages since I’ve made any tiny doll clothes. Thanks to you, I’ll be adding that to my list of things to do :slight_smile:

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I updated her and my other one a few years ago. Alcohol inks are magic…the other one has pink streaks :smiley:

Genius! I would’ve never thought about alcohol inks. I actually bought some synthetic hair to do a reroot…now I think I might experiment with alcohol inks!

Actually, I found out how great they were by coloring bottle brush trees! I made a bunch using the inside brush part of vintage curlers…they were synthetic and impossible to color…I figured doll hair was similar and it was! Plus, you can control the color with a brush…the blue is very intense but I diluted the pink (with alcohol!)…try it!!!

I certainly will! Do you mind telling me which brand of alcohol inks you used? I have a bunch of ranger tim holtz inks in my stash and was curious if you used those inks.

I use the same… Tim Holtz Airondack Brights ranger…the color I used for her hair is called “Sail Boat Blue”. I like the bright colors and a small amount goes a long way!

Thanks for confirming the type of alcohol inks you used. I do not have that blue in my stash…but I will try a shade of blue (denim) on a test area to see if I like it. If not, I might be compelled to buy a new bottle of ink :slight_smile:

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