Skull book ends

I made these skull book ends for @Chr1stchan foe the color in a box swap. Her gothic Pinterest boards were so inspiring!



so cool! How did you make these?

I took a cheap Dollar Tree skull and cut in half. Then I filled the hollow area with wadded up paper. Next I cut foam core poster board to fit the openings, glued them in place, and painted. Last, I glued them to existing book ends.


Wow, thanks for sharing the details of the process. They look very cool!

It’s fun to be pushed out of normal boundaries. What a creative and fun project! I love the shine too!!!

These are awesome! Genius to use existing book ends for the finish. Excellent book selection, too. :wink:

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kewl! thanks for sharing the process!

These turned out super cool! Thanks for sharing how you made them.

Such a cool and clever use of your materials! WOW! And a great selection of books for the pic!

Thanks! Get Well Soon: History’s Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them was the book I was reading in March of 2020. Obviously, I had to put it down. :flushed: I picked it back up a few months later and finished it. Boy, oh boy am I glad I took that hiatus. The last chapter forecasted a worldwide respiratory pandemic. Wow. That is a book I will never forget.


That is such a fun idea!