Skull Notebook

Since the STS Fall edition normally takes place near Halloween, and that is the one I am planning on joining, I decided on a spookier theme for my next notebook.

I did a skull. I just painted this one on. I drew it first and tried to use the same technique of transferring it, but because the background is black, that didn’t work and I had to wing it.
This one was also done on a 4x4 notebook with 80 pages and a little elastic strap. Painted with acrylics, sealed with matte spray.

And here it is next to the cat one. Different styles, but both were fun to create.

PS. I just wanted to say how proud I am that I got these pictures with minimum cat hair in the shots. LOL!


Awesome job, especially for just painting right on the notebook without a “safety net.” Love the shading!

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Ah, I love that adorable skully! Love!

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Great shading! Love the collection of notebooks you are creating. Also, I do not see a single cat hair in that shot!

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Another winner! Quite different from the kitty, but still your style which is so cool!

Re cat hair: I admit to photoshopping dog hair and stray lint out of craft or product shots. Some just sneak by even with furious lint rollering!


Love the skull shading!

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SOOO cute! I love the skull! The missing teeth add to the charm, and the shading is perfect!

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This looks like something I would save up points for, then display and never use. :black_heart: :orange_heart: :black_heart: :orange_heart:

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Hahaha! That is awesome and made me laugh!