Skull with spider and bottle

My first swap I joined on here was the OTT Halloween swap and my partner just arrived so I can finally post here!
The themes I included are skeleton, spider and a potion bottle.
Itโ€™s made from polymer clay (fimo). I added shading with eyeshadow.
The blood you see is pastel chalk mixed with fimo liquid.
It has a tunnel on the back with a chain through it so she can hang it.

WIP: me deciding if I should add a bottle or not.

It was so much fun to craft again, especially with polymer clay.
Iโ€™m very glad she liked it!

(Should I tag this with holidays and parties or is clay-and-ceramic okay?)


So wonderfully creepy. Ayeeeeeeee!


this is the coolest!

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The shading you did on it took it to the next level! This looks as if it sat in a cave for millions of years. SOOOO cool!


Eeek! Thatโ€™s very creepy!!

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This is super neat! Love all the details!

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This is awesome!!!

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This is so creepy cool!!!

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This is so cool!

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Very Halloween-creepy! Your sculpting is very good, and great decoration, also.

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
I want to do more of this!

Wow, thank you :smiley:

Very creepy cool!

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Thank you!

That is so fantastically spooky while still being cute.

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