Skullington McSkullFace

Hi crafty chaps!:wave:

(Yup, another creative title from Mr Loops…!)

I’ve absolutely been wanting this fabric for aaages, I love colour but I also adore skull designs and gothy dark looks, so I made myself a nice festive skull dress for Xmas which I’m sure my Mum will disapprove of :grin:

I used a woven dress pattern, but as a plus size laaaaydey with inflammatory arthritis worst in my arms I prefer to wear stretchy clothes without closures, so I figured using a knit fabric for it would work nicely!

Of course the downfall is that I got kinda carried away, didn’t read the instructions (my bad… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) and had to unpick 5 seams, so that was fun for my poor arthritic hands! On the plus side it came together in the end, and the fabric was nice enough to not show what I’d done!

On the minus side though, I only realised when we were taking pictures that I’d neglected to add pockets, aaaaaaaaaaaaargh nooooooooooooo!! :pleading_face:

Since the dress has a lovely full circle skirt, I think it would look great with a bit of poooof in the bottom so I’m thinking perhaps a nice tulle petticoat would work nice in a pop of colour, maybe orange?? I’m also pondering getting more of the same fabric in red or denimy blue to make another :grin:

twirly me

No Rosie :dog: shots this time I’m afraid because she preferred to stay behind the thermal curtain where it was warm!

:boom: I used this cotton jersey fabric from Minerva, and the Evanescent dress pattern [affiliate link] by George and Ginger :boom:

Hope you like! :woman_supervillain:
Loops xx


Cute! And isn’t that the thing about skulls… they are just there in everyone’s head ALL YEAR LONG.


:laughing: Sooo true sooo true!!

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The action shot makes the entire dress! Nice job!

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This pattern really works well for you! Great dress! You looked like you were on the runway in your 2nd pic.

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This made me chuckle … I wore black to both our son’s weddings and my mom thought I was crazy. Good thing we are adults and don’t have to listen to their opinions.

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Gorgeous! Love the shape and the fun fabric! I agree that it would look so striking with an orange tulle petticoat (maybe more Halloween than Christmas at that point! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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Ah! Love it! Even without pockets!

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:confetti_ball: Congratulations! :confetti_ball:
Your wonderful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects!

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One of the great things about a black & white prints is that you can pair almost any solid color with them. Maybe different color petticoats for different seasons? :thinking:

@Cindy Oh absolutely, her disapproval has always guided me TOWARDS a lot of things, especially clothes :wink:

@roler We did actually have a Halloween party at Christmas one year, which confused a lot of people, most people did turn up in Halloween outfits, but I also had a few Santas!!

@TheMistressT Fabulous, thank you so much!

@J-squared Ooooh I love that idea! :heart: :orange_heart: :purple_heart:


That is so cute and comfortable looking to wear. I love how the skulls look like polka dots from far away, very sneaky cool.

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