Skulls & Flowers Notebook

My uncle is not able to do too much anymore, but he does still enjoy writing, particularly (rather long) poems. And he does it by hand on lined paper, so I thought a nice Christmas gift would be a notebook made just for him.

I glued together 4 layers of cardstock for the front cover. It started as two, but… mistakes were made.

The back cover is black mat board.

And the interior is simply lined note paper I had. In fact, all materials are from stash.

It’s all punched and bound with my Bind-it-all. It should’ve been a pretty quick project that ended up taking quite a bit longer; partly from those mistakes I mentioned and partly because I started off my cutting a pretty decent sized chunk out of the end of one finger! So now I’m doing all the things with a bulkily bandaged non-dominant index finger! D’oh!


Ouch! Gorgeous notebook, worth the blood!

I’m always tempted by those binding thingies!

Girl! Watch yourself! (Says the one who literally did the same thing years ago)
I would be honored to receive such a thoughtful gift he’s gonna love it!

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The notebook came out beautifully! But I am sorry you injured yourself making it luv. Sending healing thoughts your way. :skull: :black_heart:

Thanks so much, y’all!

I love mine so much, even if I only use it a few times a year.

I feel lucky that it really doesn’t hurt unless I do certain things and that we have a rather ridiculous selection of this kind of first aid supplies! Annnnd I didn’t bleed on any craft supplies!

Part of the story: My craft space is upstairs, TheMisterT was downstairs and hears a firm “FUCK ME” from upstairs and assumes that I have spilled “a jar of sparkles.” :rofl:


Ouch! But the notebook looks amazing. And not a drop of blood in sight.

Thank you!