"Slap-motion" YouTube Video

Wasn’t sure what topic to put this under. Haha! I made a YouTube video a while back about a guy who loves pies, and ends up getting a little too obsessed over one in particular!

“The Magical Pie” is what I like to call “slap-motion” animation. Similar to stop motion, except without stopping and a whole lot of lucky timing Haha!

I hope you all enjoy!!


I watched this with my kids. They really enjoyed it. This was fun. Thank you for sharing.

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I’m sooo glad you posted this! It’s one of my favorite things you’ve done. It makes my heart happy!

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Well that was super cute!

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Super fun!

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Oh my gosh! I love pie! :smile: This is so much fun!

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Thanks everybody! Glad you like it!

I’m glad I found this! The neighborhood sprinkle truck! :laughing: This was a lot of fun. Cute story and I enjoyed the medium! I need to show my daughter, she’s always trying to make little animatics; I think she would really enjoy this.