Sliceform Tree from Holiday Cards

A design I started working on oh, years ago, but never finished. I drew the cone in Sketchup, sliced it with a slicer plugin, and imported the slices into CorelDRAW. I had all the slices smoothed, and the guidelines for the slots drawn, and then I abandoned it. Today I added the slots and cut it.

The front view, showing the hyperbolic slices.

Diagonal view.

Center slices. I glued these back-to-back because on these slices, you see the back of each slice.

Some fun times getting the top two to cut right around the tree shapes.

The center slices, slotted together.

Next slice. This card had a solid blue back, which was useful.

The next slice. Had to cut these sideways.

Two of the last slice, cut from scraps.


So cool and minbending. This rook some brain work!
I love how it changes as you move around it


I love how your brain can make the 2D into a complicated 3D!

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Another amazing construction! The papers all look great together, too.

How do you come up with this stuff??!? You are a wonder! Such beautiful results!

@endymion I sorted out my card into “blues” “greens” and “cartoony”. I’m going to make another one, maybe the green one. I was thinking of trying double sided cardstock that’s all from the same pack, and all GO together. I think that would be even better looking, but not as entertaining as using Christmas cards.

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@Bunny1kenobi Truly, sometimes it’s years in the making. Yeah, I just checked the date on the file…2018. Started. Abandoned.

These are way cool! Love how you strategically used your cards.

It’s crazy seeing the individual cards because they work so well together as a landscape!