Slow Movin' Sloths atcs

I’m hoping to join in on a handdrawn sloth atc swap on another site, so I whipped up these cuties last night and today. I did a Poloroid photo theme atc that @LindaP introduced me to. With the exception of “Slumbering Sven” I adapted images I saw on a google search to make these. The Yoda one was changed from the sloth holding a pillow to the sloth holding Yoda!

They are all done in fineliner and prismacolor pencil.



I love the Polaroid concept. The Yoda cameo is great :laughing:.

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These are adorable! I love how the hat on the first one extends beyond the picture :wink: So cute!!!

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Check out the zzz one; it does that too.

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That’s freaking brilliant! And you’re really talented!

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Thank you!