Slow Stitch Pillow

Finished my first slow stitch project. This is a little hand-me- down pillow with lots of crazy patchwork. I stitched on some of the pieces that were already there and added some fabric bits of my own. It was an adventure to be sure.


This looks like such a fun project. I like your lady in the middle.

I love it! I love crazy patchwork. I love seeing all the different bits, like the crochet and the lace and the appliqué. There’s so much to see.

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I was thinking the same thing! So much visual interest… I love all the different patterns and colors and the stitched details.

This is so charming. I just love the old timey feel of it.

Its beautiful!!

It’s lovely and full of personality!

I love this!

Thanks everyone. I learned about slow stitching on YouTube while sheltering inside this summer. Apparently it’s a big trend. I like it because it’s meditative and freeing.

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Wow. This is phenomenal! I bet that little lady could tell a LOT of stories. :slight_smile:

How am I just now seeing this? It’s really darling! Did you make your additions without deconstructing the pillow? Is that what the slow stitching is about?

This is so great. I love the little lady with the smiling face.

I somehow missed it too, it is fantastic! Very Jude Hill, love that style.

Very sweet, I have never heard of slow stitching before.